Are you a Bay Area business owner or entrepreneur interested in winning tickets to the Warrior’s season opening game against the Spurs? Here’s your chance!

Brand Your Niche is having our official launch party this Saturday in Oakland, where we will be raffling off two tickets to the Warriors vs. Spurs game on October 25th. In addition to the Warrior tickets, we’ll also be raffling off two tickets to the 49er vs. NY Jets game and four tickets to the PAC-12 North vs. PAC-12 South championship game. Raffle tickets start at $20 a ticket, and participants will have the option to submit their raffle ticket to whichever game they choose. Proceeds from the raffle will go to Ladies of the Empire, who will use the funds to help under-served youth and women pursuing higher education.

In order to qualify for the raffle, you must be a current Bay Area business owner; and you must be register and present at the Brand Your Niche launch party this Saturday at 6:00 pm. Access to the event is limited and will only be granted to those who are registered. For details on the event, please click here

As an added bonus, we are a offering free raffle ticket to the first five business owners who register by 8:00 pm today! So register now for your chance to win tickets.

About Brand Your Niche

Brand Your Niche is a team of branding and marketing professionals who partner with niche/specialty brands and entrepreneurs on developing effective brand positioning as well as engagement-driven marketing strategies for their unique audiences. In addition to niche brand development, we offer tailored marketing support and management. For more details on our services, click here.