The Bay Area is a mecca full of fresh talent and innovation. Young entrepreneurs are breaking away from the norm of working 9-5 and venturing off to start their own businesses. And why not? There are many opportunities out there. But while many aspiring business owners believe their product or service is the “next best thing,” many will struggle to achieve the level of anticipated success simply due to competition and not being able to differentiate themselves enough.

Let’s face it, odds are there is already someone out there offering something similar to your product or service and probably at a greater capacity. But while these businesses may offer larger selections, a niche brand holds the advantage of standing apart from the competition simply by offering a unique product or service designed for a very specific and targeted group.

What’s a Niche Market?

A “niche market” is a narrowly-defined segment with very specific expectations and needs. Niche brands and entrepreneurs are positioned to dominate these subgroups and markets; but in order to be successful, they must frame their business models around the expectations of that audience and engage them effectively. As a result, niche brands build a loyalty that bigger companies struggle with. Narrow the competition by crafting your niche today.

Brand Your Niche partners with entrepreneurs and brands as they seek to craft their niche and successfully serve it. We work with you on discovering your audience on a deeper level. Knowing the behavior of your market will provide your brand with the insight needed to reach them and provide your service. Once we understand your audience, we help you frame your business model in a way that effectively engages and influences them. Narrow the competition by crafting your niche today!

What’s Your Niche?

Do you offer a specialized product or service to a clearly defined market? We’d love to hear about it. On Saturday October 15th, we’re having the official launch party for Brand Your Niche and would love to have you there! Come out and mingle with our team as we celebrate this exciting new venture. For event details and registration, click here. Tickets are limited, so register now!

Stand out from the competition and learn how you can brand your niche today.