Being an entrepreneur has its up’s and down’s, especially when you’re a one-person operation. Having to juggle the day-to-day duties on your own leaves room for important elements like marketing to slip through the cracks.  Everyone could use a little support with marketing. Having someone available to evaluate your target audience on an on-going basis allows you to focus on what you do best.

What if I told you that you could receive a year’s worth of marketing support for no more than what you would pay for your cell phone bill? For a limited time, we are offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive on-going marketing support for as low as $75 a month. That’s less than what some of you pay for your monthly cell phone bill! We meet your needs by designing a realistic marketing approach that is easy for you to implement while utilizing your current resources. Along the way, we measure the performance of your marketing activities to ensure your goals are being met. Whether you need a digital strategy or help launching a new product, we can help with a variety of marketing functions.

Hit the ground running with a marketing plan designed uniquely for your business. This opportunity is limited, so contact us today and get started!