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What is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a software platform that helps you to automate your marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads, close more deals, and better measure marketing success. Marketing automation takes the hassle out of the administrative tasks of marketing, while giving you the tools you need to develop stronger customer relationships and deliver a personalized customer experience at scale. 

How It Works

Benefits to Marketing Automation


  • Get a complete 360 degree view of prospect activity by linking data from your CRM to campaigns
  • Easily identify and prioritize the hottest leads
  • Nurture cooler leads until they’re sales-ready so that you never miss an opportunity
  • Fill your pipeline with quality leads to directly impact revenue
  • Deliver a personalized customer experience
  • Target buyers at every stage of the buying cycle
  • Make data-driven decisions and identify new opportunities for growth

With a marketing automation platform, your sales and marketing teams can work together to create a seamless experience for your buyers. Give your sales team access to marketing approved resources and deliver on-brand content and messaging to your buyers at every stage in the sales cycle.

  1. 88% of marketers said that reducing the time spent on preparing reports and analysis, thereby granting more time for strategy and focusing on customer interactions, would be valuable.
  2. 91% of marketers said a tool that enables their teams to review, analyze, and act on customer and marketing data in a continuous and real-time fashion would be valuable for their organizations
  3. Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.
  4. 91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels. 
  5. On average, 49% of companies are currently using marketing automation, with more than half of B2B companies (55%) adopting the technology.

How We Can Help

We help bridge the gap between sales and marketing. We want to help create a seamless experience for your potential buyer, while not missing out on potential opportunities.

  1. Program Set Up
  2. Optimize Your Content
  3. Perform A/B Testing
  4. Create Dynamic Lead & Sales Funnels


Synchronize your communication channels, automating all repetitive process such as email communication, invoicing, lead nurturing. 


Email marketing can be difficult. We are here to help you create dynamic emails to integrate with your automation programs. Streamline you customer experience using drip campaigns.

Learn how to manage your entire lead program through our free, on-demand webinar. We can also come out to train your existing team members with a custom, in-house training specific to your organization. 


Popular Marketing Automation Tools

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Our Founder

Jawon is a Global Marketing and Business Development professional who specializes in conceptualizing and executing digital marketing campaigns for organizations serving niche markets. He has primarily worked in a B2B capacity across several industries such as Education, Entertainment, Consumer Health & Nutrition. These industries usually target communities with specific interests or requiring specialized, condition-specific solutions. It is from working in these unique spaces that has taught Jawon how to overcome challenges when developing online campaigns for solution-specific markets. 

Jawon attended Hult International Business School in London, England where he obtained a master’s degree in International Marketing. During his time abroad, he had the opportunity to work on projects for major brands such as Dove and Twining’s Tea. He also spent time working for several London-based startups, developing go-to-market campaigns and customer acquisition strategies.

In 2016, Jawon founded Brand Your Niche, where he began contracting digital marketing services to niche firms and startups. He works with these organizations on establishing marketing automation to streamline communication channels. When developing integrated online campaigns, Jawon incorporates relevant digital components such as website, SEO, email, social media and digital advertising. 

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