Saturday October 15th was the official launch event for Brand Your Niche! We are honored to have had such a great turnout and deeply appreciate all of the support.
During the event, we were able to raise $460 dollars on behalf of Ladies of the Empire! The organization will use the funds to support higher education for deserving youth and women in the community. To learn more about Ladies of the Empire and their mission, click here to visit their website today.
On behalf of both organizations, we sincerely thank those who attended and participated with the fundraising efforts! 

About Brand Your Niche

Brand Your Niche provides branding and marketing support for businesses in narrowly defined market segments. Our mission is to discover, cultivate, and successfully position branding efforts around the needs, values, and expectations of specific target groups. As a result, we aim to establish deep and fulfilling connections that translate into brand loyalty for our clients. 

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