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About Us

We provide business solutions and curate unique growth opportunities for organizations serving niche communities and market segments. 

Our mission is to help organizations break through the noise by concentrating on sub-categories of their market and optimizing on opportunities within their niche. 

Our Approach

We gather and evaluate real data on emerging communities and segments of larger markets in order to discover unique, early-stage business opportunities. 

We connect, present and educate niche communities on unique opportunities in order to ignite growth for the overall market segment and promote industry collaboration. We believe everyone should win!

Business development, branding to marketing automation — We offer a variety of business services designed to establish fulfilling connections between niche sellers and their unique customers.

Clients We Work With

Our Services

Networking events, trade shows, product launches, to educational conferences —Our mission is to foster business opportunities for your unique solution. We’ll represent your unique product during these events, handling the marketing through print advertising and online resources.

Marketing automation, content creation, social media management, to email marketing — Whatever the need, we’ll take your vision and objectives to develop your marketing plan. We’ll create effective programs that drive engagement and conversion across all your channels. Serving as your project lead, we’ll manage the execution of your activities, measure campaign performance, and report on your metrics and KPI’s.

Working with our creative partners, we’ll drive the creative development process by writing creative briefs, developing production timelines, evaluating marketing assets, routing feedback and approvals. We’re here to ensure brand uniformity across all aspects of your business.

Whether you are starting a new business or need help with your existing business, we’ll help you develop a model that strategically targets your audience. We build profiles around your niche and pin-point the areas in which you optimize on engagement. 

Using industry best-practices, we optimize and automate your customer’s experience by synchronizing your online channels. We’ll create branded, eye-catching WordPress sites, landing pages, emails and contact forms that attract leads and converts them into customers. Our background with PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS will prove beneficial. We ensure all emails and landing pages meet CAN-SPAM, web accessibility, and ADA compliance. We also perform list cleansing and segmentation building.

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Our Founder

Jawon is a Global Marketing and Business Development professional who specializes in conceptualizing and executing digital marketing campaigns for organizations serving niche markets. He has primarily worked in a B2B capacity across several industries such as Education, Entertainment, Consumer Health & Nutrition. These industries usually target communities with specific interests or requiring specialized, condition-specific solutions. It is from working in these unique spaces that has taught Jawon how to overcome challenges when developing online campaigns for solution-specific markets. 

Jawon attended Hult International Business School in London, England where he obtained a master’s degree in International Marketing. During his time abroad, he had the opportunity to work on projects for major brands such as Dove and Twining’s Tea. He also spent time working for several London-based startups, developing go-to-market campaigns and customer acquisition strategies.

In 2016, Jawon founded Brand Your Niche, where he began contracting digital marketing services to niche firms and startups. He works with these organizations on establishing marketing automation to streamline communication channels. When developing integrated online campaigns, Jawon incorporates relevant digital components such as website, SEO, email, social media and digital advertising. 

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